Read Your Voicemail!

That's right, now you can read your voicemail!  Cloud Phone includes voicemail transcribed and delivered right to your email.  No more dialing up to listen or losing that all-important message.  Save, search, and forward messages just like email.  Plus you get a boatload of free features to manage your company's growing communication needs.  Sign up in less than a minute and try it free for 30 days!


Super Simple Setup

Whether your company is just you or you've got a small army of employees, it's easy to invite users to have their own extensions.


Take Calls On Any Phone

No need to hand out your mobile number to business prospects and clients! Now they can reach you or anyone in your company just by calling your Cloud Phone number. 


More Bells & Whistles

Includes a custom company greeting, customizable Auto Attendant, transcribed voicemail delivered to your email, & advanced Reach Me Anywheretm so you can take calls on any phone.


All Cloud Phone Plans Include

  • Free Local or Toll Free Number
  • Professional Greeting and Auto Attendant
  • Reach Me Anywhere - Take Calls On Any Phone

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