TelCentris Announces Nationwide CLEC Rollout with Regulatory Approval in Five States


November 12, 2009


TelCentris Announces Nationwide CLEC Rollout with Regulatory Approval in Five States

As a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), TelCentris will gain significant competitive advantages in terms of cost, quality and reliability


SAN DIEGO – Nov. 12, 2009 – TelCentris Inc., a new type of telephony company and the creator of VoxOx, today announced that it is launching a nationwide CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) and already has regulatory approval in five states.

A CLEC is a phone company that has regulatory approval from the state PUC (Public Utilities Commission) where it operates that enables it to compete against incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), such as AT&T. As a facilities-based CLEC, TelCentris is rolling out a nationwide infrastructure that enables it to provide services such as telephone numbers, local and long distance calling, and data access over its own network. This network, based largely on TelCentris own Unified Communications Service Delivery Platform (SDP) infrastructure, bypasses some of the costs and complexities of leasing similar services from other CLECs or ILECs. The result is TelCentris ability to deliver more cost effective, innovative and higher quality services that meet the needs of todays businesses and consumers.

"We've been working on our CLEC rollout for two years now and we are excited by our progress," said Bryan Hertz, CEO of TelCentris. "This will enable us to pass on significant savings to our many customers, as well as provide unparalleled levels of quality, service and reliability."

TelCentris now has regulatory approval in California, Texas, Florida, New York and, most recently, Illinois, with other states on the way. The company has formed a subsidiary, TelCentris Communications, LLC, to roll out its CLEC operations.

"TelCentris is making a strategically strong move and positioning itself for strong future growth," said Fred Goldstein, an author and principal of Ionary Consulting, a prestigious telecom consulting firm. "It is building a flexible platform that puts it ahead of most other VoIP providers and many older CLECs."

About TelCentris- TelCentris, the creator of VoxOx, is an innovative San Diego-based unified communications and telecommunications provider developing advanced communication solutions and serving the needs of carriers, enterprises and consumers. The founders have a long history in technology, and bring to the communications industry the lessons learned from massively scalable enterprise data networking, IT and various software fields. TelCentris offers telecom companies, regardless of size, the ability to launch profitable IP telephony offerings in a matter of days while minimizing upfront capital expenditures. TelCentris also leverages its Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to provide hosted IP-PBX solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. VoxOx is an award-winning universal communications software that enables consumers to unify all their key communications channels into a single interface. For more information, please visit



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