VoxOx Launches Outbound Mobile Faxing and Real-Time SMS Language Translation as Part of iPhone App


December 19, 2011


New release of free VoxOx Call app enables consumers to use camera on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to photograph documents and send them as faxes for just pennies– lowest faxing rates in industry


SAN DIEGO – December 19, 2011 – VoxOx, the first and only free consumer service that unifies all key communication channels – voice, text, chat, video, social media, email, fax and content sharing – into a single user interface, today announced the availability of outbound faxing and SMS language translation within its existing free mobile app, VoxOx Call for iPhone. With the new version of this app, iOS users will be able to select a file from their photo library or leverage the camera on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to photograph documents and fax them for just pennies, no monthly subscription required. App users can also receive faxes free of charge to their own dedicated phone number that they receive upon sign-up for the free app. VoxOx boasts the only free phone number that is 2-way voice, SMS and fax-enabled, plus comes with voicemail transcription. Also new to the mobile app is the free SMS translation feature, which enables 2-way, real-time language translation for 36 languages. VoxOx Call for iPhone works seamlessly with the full-featured VoxOx desktop software for added functionality and savings.

According to, the median cost for electronic faxing subscription services is approximately $10 per month. Some pay-as-you-go faxing services do exist, but have relatively high usage charges – for example, one such service offers outbound faxing at $.75 for the first page, and $.40 for each additional page; another charges $.25 cents per page but requires a faxing minimum of $2. In contrast, VoxOx requires no monthly faxing subscription or minimum, and charges only a penny per minute of transmission (about a $.01 per page) to fax machines in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, it is free for VoxOx users to receive faxes from anywhere in the world.

"While faxing may seem like a blast from the past, there are still entire industries that rely on this form of communication, such as real estate, insurance, law, finance, and construction," said Bryan Hertz, CEO of Telcentris, creators of VoxOx. "Even for those who don't fax regularly, there's always that one time when you do need it and have to jump through hoops to find a solution. We felt that enabling consumers to take care of these needs with a simple, free app would go a long way."

VoxOx's faxing functionality originated within its free desktop software application, which unifies all popular forms of communication into a single interface. The features included in the VoxOx Call app, largely telephony functions (i.e., calling, texting and faxing), work seamlessly with the full-featured desktop software in order to provide users with a broader unified communications experience. With respect to faxing, the main difference is that the desktop application allows users to select an existing document from their computer, rather than leveraging the iPhone camera to create the facsimile. The same low rates and free inbound faxing applies across both desktop and mobile versions of the service.

In addition, VoxOx Call for iPhone now boasts a free feature that enables 2-way, real-time language translation for text messages sent and received within the mobile app. Translation is available for 36 languages. The VoxOx desktop software first introduced the 2-way, instant language translation functionality for chat, SMS and social media at Mobile World Congress 2010. Due to the popularity of this feature, VoxOx sought to introduce the instant SMS translation component in an additional form factor.

The VoxOx Call app for iPhone can be found on the App StoreSM or by signing up for free at and can be used on any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. New users who sign up for VoxOx via mobile app can download the VoxOx desktop software without any additional sign ups. For more information about VoxOx, please visit

About VoxOx

VoxOx is the first ever service that manages all forms of cross-media communication for consumers. It is the only service that unifies today's key communication channels – voice, text, chat, social media, video, email, fax, and content sharing – into a single, intuitive interface that gives consumers control of their contacts, conversations and most importantly, their interconnected lifestyles, both now and in the future. It combines the benefits of Internet telephony solutions, interoperable IMs, Web services and social networking aggregators, and much more at no cost to the user. For more information, please visit VoxOx is a service created by Telcentris Inc., a leader in cloud communications. For more information on Telcentris, please visit


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